Mimi Wachter and Shawn Wachter (husband and wife team/co-owners) are responsible for the development of the daily operations of Kangamoo. As the parents of a 4-year old toddler, born in Las Vegas, Mimi and Shawn fully understand the need for safe indoor playgrounds that can be enjoyed all year round in any weather.


When our daughter MaiLee (pronounced My-Lee)

was 2 years old, she would mispronounce “kangaroo” as “kangamoo" - as toddlers often do! It was so cute!

It has since become a household word that we still use to this day, just to be silly.

With her spunky energy and goofy spirit, she's given us countless hours of silly giggles, fall-on the floor laughter, and unconditional love.  Without MaiLee, there would never even be a Kangamoo Indoor Playground!

This is for you, MaiLee!

Shawn Wachter
Education: Temple University, Degree: Environmental Engineering
Shawn has 15 years of experience as a designer and project manager in the architecture and design field. He specializes in hospitality and retail design, focusing on the improvement of the customer experience for projects big and small. From retail storefronts to towering skyscrapers, Shawn has an eye for perfection.

Mimi Wachter
Education: U.C.L.A.,Degree: Economics
Mimi has been in the business administration and accounting profession, supporting the design and construction field for over 16 years. With extensive experience in business development, office management, marketing and bookkeeping, she will be an asset to the daily operations of the company.

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